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More Happiness

Esther Sternberg, M.D. is Director of Research at the UA's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and one of this year's lecturers. To learn more about her research, which uncovers the connections between physical surroundings and our emotional responses  -- and how those connections affect our health and healing, please check our Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well Being. Dr. Sternberg's work was also featured in a PBS documentary, The Science of Healing.


Dan Russell is a UA Professor of Philosophy and one of this year's speakers on "happiness."  To learn more about how ancient philosophers discussed happiness and how their perspective relates to our quest to live a good life, check out Happiness for Humans.

In conjunction with the Downtown Lecture Series, the Pima County Library will host weekly happiness community conversations on happiness. For more information, visit the Pima County Library's calendar page or call (520) 791-4010.

Jamie Manser wrote a great piece about happiness and the downtown lecture series for Zócalo, Tucson's Art and Culture Magazine.  Pick up your free copy in shops around town, or check out their digital version at (page 10).